MAVB is *CLOSED* Dec. 25 through Jan.1. See you next year!


Why We Do This

Mission Statement:

We are artisans, makers, educators, and musicians committed to our craft and our customers.

We foster lives enriched by music through making, repairs, renting, and selling of string instruments and their bows in an informative and welcoming environment.

We do this for ourselves and our colleagues and our customers of ALL skill levels.

We do this because it makes us fulfilled, our customers happy, and our community thrive.

Making. Music. Local.

Who are we?

We are artisans who enjoy working together, love our work, and are committed to quality and to continuing to improve our craft. We are educators for musicians who want advice on their instruments. We are a resource for teachers who know they can trust us to care about their students needs. We are musicians who care about making the world a more musical place.

What do we do?

We provide friendly, honest expertise in a welcoming atmosphere. We make, sell and repair stringed instruments, their bows and accessories. We spend time with our customers offering advice on how to choose an instrument, care for their instrument(s) and optimal instrument performance. We introduce first-time buyers to the joys of playing strings through quality beginner outfits and rentals. We offer a range of high-quality instruments for all skill levels. We offer a space for workshops and concerts to foster our musical community. We offer a range of services which result in allowing people to explore the musical world.

Why do we do it?

We do this because it’s fun and it makes us happy. Customers that have well-playing instruments are happy, too. We enjoy spreading music into the community while providing quality instruments and work while honing our own skills. We also believe in the importance of proper care for instruments to preserve them for future generations. We enjoy earning a living that can fuel our passions.

For whom do we do it?

For ourselves to have meaningful work, for customers (including beginners, teachers, enthusiasts, pros and international soloists) who know they can trust us to care about them and their instruments, for other makers (as a showcase for their work), for the shop (so that it can continue to be profitable and continue to support us.)