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Repairs & Restorations


Have you noticed that your violin doesn’t sound right? Your bow doesn’t play the way it used to?

Instruments and bows do change over time (and even between seasons!), and sound and playability change with them. Whether it’s straightening/recambering a bow; adjusting bridge height/curvature; or changing the fit or placement of a soundpost, we can help get your instrument or bow into optimal playing condition for your needs. 

We understand that having your beloved instrument or bow suffer any sort of damage can be a distressing experience. We’re here to help.

Our staff has received extensive training in repairs and restorations, and we attend yearly workshops and conferences to help keep ourselves informed about the most current and state-of-the-art ways to bring your instrument or bow back to life.

Whether it’s minor varnish touch-up or major restorative surgery after a traumatic event, we will treat your instrument or bow with the care it deserves. We will give you an honest assessment of the cost of repairs and time frame expected, and we’ll work with you to determine a plan of treatment that makes sense for your instrument as well as your budget.