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Sales Policies


It is Mount Airy Violins & Bows’ goal to have our customers satisfied with their purchase. We provide a one-year warranty to the original purchaser against defects in material and workmanship for any instrument or bow purchased from us. Within that same year, we offer complimentary service for all adjustments and open seams caused by seasonal changes. The restorations on our instruments are guaranteed for 5 years. We strongly suggest coming in every 6-12 months for a free check-up to maintain your instrument.

Bow repair warranty does not cover loss of hair due to insects, or to hair that stretches or shrinks due to climate. Bow tips are not covered against future breakage.

Items not covered by warranty:

  • routine maintenance
  • wear and tear
  • repairs done elsewhere
  • replacement of warped and/or broken bridges
  • negligence, accidental, or intentional damage
  • cracks or sunken tops caused by lack of proper humidification 

We offer an instrument care guide for clients who want to keep their instrument at its best.


We believe in buying an instrument that sounds significantly better when upgrading. As a rule, it is reasonable to think about purchasing something at least twice the value of your present instrument. A customer may apply 100% of their available trade-in credit towards 50% of the value of the new item.

(Example #1: Trade in a $1000 instrument towards a $2000 instrument: you receive a $1000 credit towards your purchase. Example #2: Trade in a $1000 instrument for a $1500 instrument: you receive $750 as credit towards your purchase.) 

Trade-in credit is calculated using the original invoice price of the traded item, taking into account its condition. If there is needed maintenance or significant damage, there may be deductions, such as new strings and rehairs.

When changing sizes, you may apply 100% of the value, less any necessary repairs and/or maintenance, of the instrument being returned to MAVB towards an instrument of the same family but in a different size.

Teacher Commissions

Teachers often take an active role in helping a student choose an instrument. This is logical as it is an important part of their student’s growth as a musician. Some shops pay teachers a secret commision for sales made to thier student(s). The issue with this practice is the lack of transparency. Students (and their parents) should know if their trusted source of information has something to gain from their decision. We hope our loyalty rewards program allows both teachers and students to feel valued for their efforts.

Teacher Rewards Program

Click here to sign up for our Teacher Rewards Program!

How Teachers Benefit

  • Teachers receive reward points worth 5% of price of the violin, viola or cello sale which can be redeemed for work or purchases. (Some restrictions apply. See below*.)
  • Your students get access to our best sales.
  • You may gift your reward points to a student in need!
  • You’ll receive our acclaimed newsletter, The Unvarnished Truth, with helpful tips and interesting articles that our luthiers/staff collect.

How Your Students Benefit

  • Students can be sure to find quality instruments (in their selected price range) backed by our fine service.
  • Your students get 5% discount on sales of our violins, violas and cellos. (Some restrictions apply. See below*)
  • Your students get access to our best sales. MAVB has two secret sales every year for which you can receive notification.
  • When your students are ready to step up, they have a wide selection of instruments to choose from and may use 100% of their previous purchase credit (see trade-ins)

How to Sign Up 

  1. Sign up at the link above.
  2. Tell your students about the program. Ask them to let us know their teacher is a member when they come in to shop.
  3. Use our trial sheet to track impressions with your student at our shop (or in your studio) and give an honest opinion about their choices.

*How Reward Points/Student Discounts work

  • May only be used by you and your students. They are otherwise not transferrable.
  • Are calculated on the subtotal value of the instrument, not including sales tax.
  • With trade-in instruments, Reward Points/Discounts are calculated on the difference between the items.
  • Are redeemable for instruments, bows, & accessories up to 30% of the value of the item.
  • Are redeemable for services, up to 80% (restoration work, rehairs, and adjustments.)
  • May not be redeemed for strings.
  • Cannot be combined with other discounts, with the exception of secret sales.
  • Cannot be earned on consignment item sales.
  • Reward Points are capped at $250 per purchase for Teacher Reward Points. There is no limit to a student’s discount.