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Jaige Trudel (violinist with Crowfoot, Maivish): “Your bow has transformed my experience of my instrument and it makes me really, really happy to play. The quality of tone that my fiddle produces now, and the ease and dependability with which I can create this sound, is downright magical. I’m absolutely delighted!”

Camden Shaw (cellist, Dover Quartet): “I had been looking for a new bow for 6 months by the time I went to visit Mt. Airy Violins and Bows, and after spending a very enjoyable two hours there. . . I had narrowed it down to two (bows) without knowing how much they cost, as that knowledge often influences one’s perception of their quality- and I was very pleased to find that one of the two bows was made by Elizabeth!  I took both bows home for a while (the other was much more expensive, by the way) and played them for friends and colleagues in bigger performance spaces.  Everyone agreed that Elizabeth’s bow drew a noticeably richer sound out of my instrument, in every register, and maintained a clear sautille stroke, which is unusual in bows with such a deep sound.

Elizabeth’s work is clean, beautifully executed, and utilizes beautiful wood.  But most importantly, her bow gets results.  I can honestly say that after trying a few hundred bows in the last 6 months, hers gets by far the best sound out of my instrument and offers me the most opportunity to grow in my playing.  I highly recommend looking into her work.”

Bruce Molsky (old-time solo recording artist): “Elizabeth Vander Veer Shaak’s beautifully crafted bows heighten articulation and tone like no others I’ve played. My Shaak bow seems to know what I’m going to play before I do!”

John Blake Jr. (iconic jazz violinist) “I love my Shaak bow. I never knew how much difference a bow could make!”