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Mount Airy Violins & Bows usually hosts 3-4 musical events a year, held in our shop. Space/seating for these events is limited, usually capping at about two dozen attendees. 

Call us to reserve your seat for any of these events.

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Keith Murphy

September 8, 2019. 7 PM

A native of Newfoundland, Keith’s traditional song repertoire is based in Eastern Canada and Quebec as well as his current home, Vermont. His direct and intimate style of traditional singing in English and French infuses old ballads and songs with a powerful immediacy while his rhythmic and percussive finger style of guitar playing brings new shape and color to his songs. His most recent solo recording is Land of Fish and Seals (2018) – an ever tasteful mix of traditional and tradition-inspired songs in English and French with an impressive list of guest artists – Becky Tracy, Yann Falquet, Pascal Gemme, Rani Arbo, and Mark Roberts.

Here is a link to check out his music:  

$15 donation

Joseph Arnold - Alexander Technique Workshop

October 27, 2019. 10 AM – 4 PM

“Your body is your instrument”

Feel better, sound better, and play better with a body-based approach

Excess muscle tension can get in the way of every aspect of strings playing: how you feel, your technique, and your sound quality. In this highly experiential workshop you will learn simple yet powerful techniques for releasing excess muscle tension while playing music so you’ll feel better, have more fluid technique, and have a more resonant sound. Practical lessons on relieving injuries, practicing effortlessly, and performing without fear will be included. For more information, visit

Cajun Music with Joel Savoy & Kelli Jones

November 15

The son of Cajun music royalty Mark and Ann Savoy, and founder of the Lousiana-based label Valcour Records, Joel Savoy is a GRAMMY-winning recorder engineer and record producer as well as a ten-time GRAMMY nominee. Joel is a versatile fiddler and guitarist and he has played and taught music around the world for the last 20 years. He has worked with the best in southwest Louisiana as well as with folks like John Fogerty, Linda Ronstadt, Steve Earle and T-Bone Burnett.