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Bow & Instrument Trials

Choosing a new instrument or bow can be a complicated and intimidating process. We’re here to help.

When you make your appointment to visit us, let us know if there are particular characteristics you are looking for in your instrument or bow. It’s OK if you have no idea, but we’d like to narrow things down so that we can more effectively show you instruments that fit your needs. It’s also helpful to give us a general idea of price, and whether you’re looking for a complete outfit (instrument, bow, case).

When you get here, we’ll have several instruments or bows picked out for you to try. If you’re looking for both instrument *and* bow, we recommend starting with the instrument, and then selecting a bow to match. If you already have your instrument or bow, it will be helpful to bring it with you as you try to find its partner in music – we can always supply you with an instrument or bow for testing during your trial, but you’ll be more confident and familiar when using your own equipment.

If you are having difficulty distinguishing between instruments, or if you’re not confident in your musical abilities, our staff will be happy to play the instruments for you, or listen and give feedback on what they hear when you try different instruments/bows. We have experienced violinists, violists, and cellists on staff who love helping people find their new instrument! 


Sometimes, people know immediately that they’ve found what they’re looking for. Frequently, though, it might take a bit more time before you can make a decision. In these situations, you are welcome to take instruments or bows out on trial. This will allow you to show them to your teacher/colleagues, try them in different settings, or simply take some additional time to compare and reach a decision.

Our trials typically last for a week, and we require a photo ID and valid credit card that we will keep on file for the duration of the trial period. We’ll check in with you after a few days to see how things are going. Once you’ve made a decision, let us know, and return anything that you’ve elected not to purchase. If you only have one instrument or bow out on trial, and want to buy, we can also run your card over the phone to save you a drive!


Have you found something on our website that catches your fancy, but you live hours away? Have you heard about us at a summer festival, and you’re curious about what we’ve got available? 

We’re willing to ship instruments and bows for your trial. Contact us so that we can discuss what you’re looking for and confirm that it is in stock.

We’ll need the afore-mentioned photo ID and valid credit card. In addition, we ask that you give us contact info for your current teacher or a musical colleague who can vouch for you, and the name of a local shop where you get your repairs done.

We’ll cover the cost of shipping the instrument(s) to you, and provide you with a tracking number. You are responsible for the return shipping costs of any instruments or bows you choose not to purchase.