The Workshop

Our trained staff treats your instrument with the care it deserves from minor repairs to major restorations.

The People

Elizabeth Shaak — rehairs, bow repairs, bow restoration, frog copies, new handmade bows.

Adam Oleksa — rehairs, bow repairs, violin and viola set-up, repairs and sound adjustments.

Thomas LaForgia — violin, viola, and cello set-up and repairs, specializing in cello sound adjustments.

Elizabeth Perry — violin, viola, and cello set-up and repairs, restoration and new handmade instruments.

Orest Nakonechny—violin, viola and cello set up, repair, restoration and new handmade violins, violas and cellos.

Rafaello Stefanini—violin, viola and cello repairs, restoration and new handmade violins.

Repairs, Rehairs & Restorations

  • Rehairs can be done while you wait.
  • We offer seasonal tune-ups.
  • Maintain the health of your instrument.
  • We repair damage caused by wear and accidents.
  • We restore older instruments with sensitive care.

(Bow repair requires different skills and tool set to that of violin repair. Whenever possible, have your bows worked on by a skilled bow maker and restorer.)