Robert McCluskie

#398 by this Washington luthier. Personal model. 16″ back length, 373mm string length. Comfortable, somewhat bright sound.

Orest Nakonechny

Made by our resident luthier, a Violinmaking School of the Americas graduate. Personal model. 16.125″ back length, 375mm string length. Warm, full sound. [SOLD]

Gudrun Kremeier

Copy of an old Brescian instrument. Resonant, cello-like sound, with easy playability. 15.25″ back length, 371mm string length.

Ute Zahn

Personal model, with lengthened nut to allow for a shorter string length and easier playability. 15.75″ back length, 361mm string length.

William Bartruff

Copy of a Brothers Amati instrument by this Minnesota maker. 16.125″ back length, 373mm string length. Rich sound with good responsiveness.

Gallery above is only a sample of our collection which is constantly changing. These violas below are also in at this time. Photos available on request.

Bartruff, William / 16″ back length, 370mm string length. Rich and textured sound, sonorous and powerful. Great playability. 2004

Ellison, Warren / 15.75″ back length, 373mm string length. Plays really easily. Very loud, with a pleasing sizzle to the sound.

Kremeier, Gudrun / 15″ back length, 371mm string length. Bright, clear sound. 2013

McCluskie, Robert / 15.5″ back length, 367mm string length. Comfortable size, with the sound of a much larger viola. 2016

McCluskie, Robert / 15.75″ back length, 376mm string length. Dark, textured sound. 2016

Ulbricht, Chris Buchanan “Buck” / 15.75″ back length, 372mm string length. Attractive tone with plenty of complexity. Good response and playability. 2016

Welde, Richard / 16.25″ back length, 371mm string length. Bright, clear penetrating sound w/ a good amount of resonance. 1996

Zahn, Ute / 16.125″ back length, 374mm string length. Clear and warm. Very easy to play. Rich, colorful tone with plenty of carrying power.